Mary P. Truxaw, Ph.D.

Mathematics Teacher Educator

Associate Professor Emerita, University of Connecticut

Mary Truxaw is a mathematics educator with experience as a K-12 teacher and leader, a teacher educator, and university faculty member. Mary is currently an Associate Professor Emerita at the University of Connecticut. Her primary research interests have centered on the intersection of mathematics education and language – with particular emphasis in how classroom discourse can support mathematical meaning making. Mary has worked on a number of research and professional development projects to support mathematics teachers – for example, the Math Learning Discourse project, Math ACCESS project, Math Leadership Academy, Bridging Math Practices project, and Co-teaching and Math Discourse in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms project. Mary has also provided professional development for teachers in a variety of school districts. Mary was named a Teaching Fellow at the University of Connecticut, the highest honor awarded for instructional excellence. Before earning her Ph.D. and working as a faculty member at the University of Connecticut for 16 years, Mary was a public school teacher in Connecticut, New York, and California where she developed her love for and curiosity about teaching and learning of mathematics. She maintains teaching certification in all three of these states.

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